Long Island’s most trusted waste removal company doesn’t just clean up for businesses and residents! We also clean up for sea life and our local communities!

Winters Bros. Long Island Cleanup Project

We organized an event to help clean up one of Long Island’s most beautiful summertime playgrounds, the Great South Bay. Locals love the bay for swimming, clamming, and sailing. Visitors love the bay as a getaway from the city and a snapshot of New York’s natural beauty. Unfortunately, that tranquil beauty is threatened by trash, and Winters Bros. is proud to help.

Our employees were happy to partner with the Save The Great South Bay organization to volunteer our time and resources to help keep the Great South Bay beach clean and free of any litter that gets left behind on the shoreline by visitors. The sad reality is that beach litter is dangerous for sea life as well as makes the area unattractive. Save The Great South Bay works hard to remove debris in nearby creeks and along the shore as well as restoring habitats for oysters and local wildlife.

To start the community project on April 10, 2022, our cleanup crew met at the Blue Point Docks and cleaned up along Stillman Creek, a beautiful local waterway that runs into the Great South Bay. Together with other Save The Great South Bay volunteers, we were able to pick up over 1,000 pounds of trash! The fact that we picked up that much trash means there’s much more work to be done to educate visitors and locals about the dangers of littering on local beaches and creeks.

Winters Bros. strongly supports the Save the Great South Bay organization, and we look forward to working together again as a part of our mission to help keep Long Island GREEN and CLEAN for both humans and wildlife!

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