A homeowner was wanting to finish his basement, which would require clearing out a lot of old junk from the space. He was currently just using the basement for storage, and he knew he would need a thorough garbage collection service. He called us for a large roll off dumpster rental in Bohemia, and one of our 20 yard units seemed like a perfect fit for the job.

The homeowner contacted us and our trash removal service staff asked the right questions to determine what size of dumpster would meet the customer’s needs. He explained that there was probably ten years of junk that had been stored in the basement and he just wanted to make sure he had a big enough dumpster to get rid of all this junk. We explained to him that we had him covered and we scheduled a time for the delivery of the dumpster.

The dumpster rental was delivered

We provided a roll off dumpster at this Bohemia Home - Winters Bros

The crew delivered the 20 yard dumpster for the customer. The customer had a place cleared out in the driveway and that is where we placed the dumpster. The crew let the customer know that as soon as he was done, then to just give the office a call and they would come out and pick it up for him.

The customer started that afternoon in clearing the junk out of the basement. He worked each day all day until he finally had the basement cleared out, then he called us to ask us to pick up the dumpster. The crew went out that same afternoon to pick up the dumpster, which was impressive to the customer. He thanked the crew for coming so quickly and he went on to say that the dumpster was the perfect size.

He told us that he was able to clear out the entire basement from all the junk that he had stored, and he even had enough room in the dumpster to throw away some junk that he had in one of the spare bedrooms. This made his wife very happy. The homeowner said he would be sure to use our services again when the construction would start, because Winters Bros. Waste Services had provided him with excellent waste removal services that he felt he could depend on. He and his wife first thought that the dumpster that was sent out was too small, but the office representative was very knowledgeable and was able to select the right dumpster to meet his needs.