Winters Bros. Waste Systems was contacted by one of our previous customers. The customer is a real estate developer who wanted to renovate the foyer of a duplex, and called for a Long Island Dumpster. We were able to provide him with the same service that we had in the past, as he was a repeat customer. He told us that we were reliable as ever and was glad he called Winters Bros. Waste Systems for the best dumpster services in Long Island.

The customer asked us for a recommendation of dumpster he thought he would need for this project, and we were able to determine that he would need a ten yard dumpster would suit his needs. It would hold all the demolition debris, old junk and trash, and we would be able to get rid of it for him once the container was filled. He gave us the address of the duplex and our crew delivered it on the day that he requested. When his contractor was finished with the renovations he called us to retrieve it and our crew was happy to do it the same day that he called. The customer’s contractor asked him did he use Winters Bros. Waste Systems before in the past, and he said yes, several times. The contractor said he has never seen a waste systems company be so responsive and he has worked with plenty. Our repeat customer recommended us and told the contractor that he should remember Winters Bros. when he needs a dumpster in Long Island, because ours is the only dependable company out there.