Winters Bros. Waste Systems was contacted by a potential customer for a Long Island dumpster rental. The caller explained that he owned a sandwich shop and that it was being renovated, and he needed to get rid of some demolition refuse along with old equipment. He knew that he couldn’t leave all this old equipment in the alley, because he would face municipal repercussions. He called us for a Long Island dumpster rental, and we did not disappoint him with our services.

We talked with the shop owner about the quantity of equipment and demolition he thought he had, so we could provide him with the right size of dumpster. With the information he provided us we determined that he would need a twenty yard dumpster. Our crew came on time on the day scheduled to deliver the dumpster, then we picked it up at their convenience. When the crew was picking up the dumpster the customer said that when he first looked at the dumpster, he didn’t think it was going to be large enough for all his junk. It turned out that the roll off was exactly the right size, which was a decision made in part thanks to the knowledgeable staff. He knew that Winters Bros. Waste Systems is the only company to contact in Long Island for a dumpster rental. He also mentioned that our employees went above and beyond to make sure that he had the dumpster he would need, and that we came right out without hesitation. Winters Bros. Waste Systems pleased another Long Island customer as just another day’s work.