Recently a doctor in Nassau decided to clean out an old shed. Once the doctor looked inside the shed he noticed that he had a lot of junk and trash and there and he thought he may possibly have the shed torn down. He called Winters Bros. Waste Services for one of our reliable roll off dumpsters in Nassau. The crew delivered the container to the property and the customer started clearing out the shed. He was able to clean out the very large shed, which was nearly the size of a barn with a 20 yard container that we provided him.

The Winters Bros. Waste Systems crew returned a few weeks later to retrieve the container. The customer realized after he cleaned out his shed that he would need another container soon if he was going to update it like he now planned. Our crew told him we would be able to help him with all of his upcoming projects when it came to refuse and construction containers, which pleased the customer. The doctor said that he had so much junk in the shed. He said about twenty year’s worth and he was thankful that the staff knew the exact size of roll off dumpster he would need just by the description he provided. The customer said he would only call Winters Bros. Waste Services for his roll off dumpsters in Nassau, because we met all of his needs with just a phone call.