Winter Bros. Waste Systems was contacted by a chef and homeowner in Suffolk County. The chef was in the process of having a kitchen remodel done. The chef had worked in hotels for years and years and this led to him traveling to different locations to live, but now he was ready to finally settle down and have the kitchen of his dreams. He liked the present kitchen, but he felt more at home with an industrial setting so he set up his kitchen and got rid of the old cabinets and countertops. Then he needed the best roll off container Suffolk County could offer, and Winter Bros. Waste Systems was contacted.

We went over exactly what his needs would be for the roll off container. Winter Bros. Waste Systems doesn’t like to take a roll off container to a customer that is too big, because they won’t need that much space and it cost more so our goal is to determine the correct size of dumpster to meet each customer’s needs and demands. The customer let us know that he needed the dumpster for cabinets and countertops along with a small kitchen remodel. We figured out that 10 yard roll off container would be perfect for his needs. Our crew delivered the dumpster, then when the customer was done we went back out that same day and picked up the dumpster. The customer said that Winter Bros. Waste Systems is the roll off container specialists in Suffolk County because we met his needs with our reliable services.