A few weeks back Winter Bros. Waste Systems was contacted by a future coffee shop owner in Suffolk County. The owner let us know that he was purchasing an old clock shop and he was going to turn the space into a new coffee shop. The buildout needed a lot of garbage removal and he would need a quality and excellent dumpster rental in Suffolk County that would hold everything. The Winter Bros. Waste Systems sales representative went over the specifications with the future coffee shop owner to determine the right size of dumpster he would need and decided that the 20 yard container would be perfect.

The Winter Bros. Waste Systems crew arrived at the establishment and placed the 20 yard dumpster in the location that the customer requested. The customer and his construction crew filled the dumpster and got the buildout constructed. The 20 yard container from Winter Bros. Waste Systems was exactly what the emerging coffee shop needed. The customer kept an eye on the dumpster each day, because he feared that it wouldn’t hold all the remodeling debris that was being put in the dumpster, but when the final end of the construction came he couldn’t believe that the 20 yard dumpster was filled and a precise fit. He said that Winter Bros. Waste Systems in Suffolk County provides the right size dumpster rental that business owners can count upon. They are very professional and their dumpster rentals are affordable.