A Suffolk County nurse hired some helping hands to help her get rid of her three son’s old junk after they went off to college. She didn’t realize how much junk her boys had until she and her helpers started pulling it all out. She knew immediately that she needed a dumpster to hold all the junk, so she called the experts in Suffolk County waste disposal, Winters Bros. Waste Systems.

The sales department went over all the different sizes of dumpsters that we offered our customers with the customer. The nurse explained how much junk she had, and together they selected a dumpster that would hold all the junk. She ordered the dumpster, and we delivered it the following morning, then placed in in the driveway where she wanted it. The customer and her workers cleared all the junk from the home, and the dumpster was the perfect size. She was glad that the sales department was able to get her the right size dumpster. When she was done and the dumpster was full, she called Winters Bros. Waste Systems and let them know she was ready for them to retrieve it, and was amazed that they came out that same afternoon to take it away. She was telling her coworkers that Winters Bros. Waste Systems is the best waste disposal Suffolk County has ever had, because they were there when she needed them, came the same day, and the prices were affordable.