A Port Jefferson chiropractor started a new practice across town, and had to move a lot of equipment out of his house and into his new office. He didn’t realize how much junk he had piled up until he dug into removing his equipment, so he was glad that he used the best company for trash removal in Port Jefferson after one of his staff members recommended to him.

The chiropractor called Winters Bros. Waste Systems, and wanted to know how we could help him with all his junk. We let him know that we could come out, and even our team would carry all the junk out, then dispose of it. The doc was so thrilled because there was so much stuff in his house that he needed help with quickly. The team arrived at the home and helped the man get all the junk, trash, and recyclables out of his home. We then properly disposed of it for him. The chiropractor has all his equipment in his new office, and his home is fully cleaned thanks to Winters Bros. Waste Systems. The trash removal Port Jefferson homeowners and businesses can count on for safe and effective waste services is provided by us here at Winters Bros. Waste Systems because our staff goes that extra mile for our customers. We do all the lifting and hard work so our customers don’t have to. That is why Winters Bros. Waste Systems has been number one in the waste industry.