Winter Bros. Waste Systems received a call for garbage pickup in Amityville from a newlywed couple a month ago. The newlyweds wanted to change trash companies, because their current provider wasn’t as green as they wanted them to be. They noticed one day that their current trash provider always threw all the recyclables into one truck, and never kept them separated from the trash. This made them wonder if they were really recycling at all. They were really trying to be considerate about the planet. The couple watched their neighbor’s provider one morning, and saw that this company really was on top of the recycling, and realized that the company was Winter Bros. Waste Systems. They contacted us to start garbage pickup immediately.

Winter Bros. Waste Systems started the service, and the couple watched the crew intensely. They were highly impressed that Winter Bros. Waste Systems provided the most responsible and best garbage pickup Amityville residents had to choose from. The team disposed of the recyclables properly, and took it very serious, which was essential for the couple. Now, they have been getting their garbage pickup done by a professional and green provider that Amityville homeowners respect. Winter Bros. Waste Systems provides their customers with the single stream choice, which allows residents to use one cart for their recyclables, and this is a handy and convenient way to be green. Winter Bros. Waste Systems even provides a guide that shows you what can be recycled, and how you can recycle it properly.