A homeowner called Winters Bros. Waste Systems a few weeks ago to inquire about a dumpster rental. He wanted to remodel his entire home, from the baseboards to the roof. This was obviously an enormous undertaking, but it seemed the house was an old one that desperately needed a facelift. One of the friendly staff members from Winters Bros. Waste Systems went over what the customer was going to need to dispose in the dumpster so we could provide him with a correct size. We determined that he would need a typical 30 YD roll off container rental Suffolk County construction remodelers usually preferred. The customer agreed, and we brought the roll off container to the site.

The construction team that our customer hired started the remodel and within a few days they were able to throw out all the necessary waste in the house. Not only did the 30 YD roll off container hold all of the waste, but it also helped them get rid of old and nasty appliances, useless drywall and insulation, too. When everyone doing the project saw how nasty the unusable parts of the equipment were he knew there was no use in trying to clean up the equipment. He decided to purchase new because he was saving money with the demolition himself and the roll off container was an added savings. The homeowner basically has a new home where everything is sparkling clean and new thanks to the 30 YD roll off container rental Winters Bros. Waste Systems provided for him.