A homeowner purchased a house with a very dated 1970’s basement replete with orange shag carpeting and fake wood paneling along with a really large amount of useless and dirty cabinetry. The homeowner and a few of his friends got together and started doing most of the gutting and demolition themselves, which was helped along immensely by Winters Bros. Waste Systems 20 YD dumpster rental in Nassau County. The customer had contacted Winters Bros. Waste Systems to have them deliver the 20 YD dumpster, and they were out within a couple of hours. They were thrilled to see the dumpster arrive because they had so many things that were ready to be disposed of.

The customer and his friends started throwing all the carpeting, paneling, cabinets, and a ton of junk that they took out of the basement. They were thrilled that there was still plenty of room in the dumpster to hold more junk, because they were planning on doing the repairs after the demolition was done. The 20 YD dumpster remained at the home for over a week, but when the customer called Winters Bros. Waste Systems to let them know he was done with the dumpster they came right out the same afternoon and retrieved it. The basement has been rehabbed and all the trash, junk, and debris is gone from the home. The customer and his friends plan on breaking in the new redone basement by throwing a man cave party this weekend. They all were thankful that Winters Bros. Waste Systems provided the perfect size 20 YD dumpster rental Nassau County DIY’ers could appreciate.